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VelsFit Simple Guide to Building Muscle

VelsFit Simple Guide to Building Muscle

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Your blueprint to sculpting a powerhouse physique, crafted from the exact strategies that propelled me to gain over 20kg of lean muscle mass. What's more, these are the very same guidelines I've shared with over 100 clients to all help on their journey.

Divided into four fundamental pillars – Mindset, Diet, Training, and Recovery – this easily digestible guide leaves no stone unturned in your quest for muscle-building excellence.

  1. Mindset: Cultivate the winning mindset essential for success in your fitness journey.

  2. Diet: Fuel your gains with precision. Dive deep into nutrition principles tailored specifically for muscle growth. From macronutrient breakdowns to meal planning strategies, discover the dietary secrets that will optimize your body's muscle-building potential.

  3. Training: Transform your workouts from aimless to purposeful with scientifically proven training methodologies. Unlock the key exercises, techniques, and workout routines designed to maximize muscle hypertrophy and strength gains.

  4. Recovery: Understand the critical role of recovery in the muscle-building process. Explore proper rest protocols, ensuring your body is primed for consistent progress.


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