Build 3kg Muscle or Lose 3kg of Fat in 12 Weeks


Hey Legends, My name is Jarren and Im the Head Trainer at VelsFit! Over Several years I have spent 100's of hours watching videos, taking courses, acquiring qualifications and delivering PT Sessions to crack the code on weight loss and muscle building. I cant wait to help you experience the power of your own physical transformation. I tailor all programs to your specific needs and focus on creating new lifestyle habits so you can achieve your goal and keep the rewards!

Client Results

Noah T.

-6kg in 7 Weeks

Noah had hit a plateu with his weight loss. After wokring with us for 7 weeks we we're able to breakthrough and get his 6 pack popping!

Jake L.

-5kg in 10 Weeks

Jakes main goal was to get stronger and shed some bodyfat whilst still focusing on Uni studies and travelling the world. Jake was able to lose 5kg whilst holidaying thanks to the healthy habits we focused on developing.

Jarren V.

+20kg in 3 Yrs

After getting an office job I had succumb to the sedentary lifestyle and decided enough was enough. I quickly fell inlove with classic bodybuilding style of training and have used that to go from 63kg to 83kg.

Money Back Garauntee!

Achieve Results withing 12 weeks or FULL REFUND!*

New Passive Package

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1 on 1 Coaching

Reap the full benefits of all-inclusive coaching for just $60/wk


Not Quite Ready?

No Worries! We have plenty of other options available as stand alone services such as customised training programs!