Our Story

Not too long ago I remember feeling really stuck with my health and my overall physique. I wasnt blessed with Arnold genetics unfortunately and struggled to gain any sort of weight. I left high school weighing only 55kg and really struggled with my self worth every time I looked at the man in the mirror.

Physique in 2021 - Approx. 58kg

Fortunately, I didn’t lose hope and I set out on a mission to educate myself and make one final push. It's taken me years of research, consistency and hard work to reach where I am now. 
Physique 2023 - Approx. 76kg
After experiencing the power of a transformation and seeing first hand how health and fitness had changed my life, I decided to persue helping others do the same. So, As of 2023 I have acquired my Certificate III & IV and began offering my services to others. Im Super excited to be able to help thousands of people around the globe and have my social media content seen by over 1 Million People!
If your goal in 2024 is to Build Muscle or Lose weight you're in the right place! At VelsFit, my focus is tailoring your health and fitness programs to suit YOUR lifestyle and ensure long-lasting change.