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21 Simple High Protein Recipes to Fuel your Gains

21 Simple High Protein Recipes to Fuel your Gains

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Diet accounts for approximately 80% of work when it comes to getting your health and fitness in check and its by far what people struggle with the most!

Remove the struggle with 21 Simple, High Protein Recipes that even a Gymbro could make! Some of the foods in this doucment are the same foods I've used to gain 20kg of muscle when bulking and lose over 10kg of fat in a span of 3 months when cutting.

- Inlcudes a mix of both bulking and cutting friendly recipes 



  • This document is not to be treated as a meal plan
  • Onus of responsibility is on the reader to conduct their own further research and consider their own dietary choices/allergies
  • I have not labelled these recipes as bulking or cutting recipes as they can be used for either, it’s up to you to include them into your macro targets
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